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Welcome to the Lottery Glossary

This is a repository of lottery related terms and their definitions. The Lottery Glossary is comprised of words, abbreviations and meanings of terminology used by lottery players and lotto number predictionists.
Many of the terms and definitions have been contributed by members of the lotto forums at: Lotto Forums which is an online community of lotto players of all types of lottery games, not just the 649 lottos.
The Lottery Glossary's ever growing function is to serve as a resource for all lottery enthusiasts.


Some examples are listed below.

Announcers A number or set of numbers that are predictors for numbers arriving in the next draw.
contributed by Beaker   Beaker
Antipode Draw A draw result having extreme numbers. Example: 01-02-03-47-48-49 or any set of winning numbers having only numbers at both ends of the lowest or higher possible decades. Example: 01-38-40-42-45-48.
contributed by Dennis Bassboss   Dennis Bassboss
Beer As a noun - Cool exalting beverage stemming from the University Dark Ages and used primarily when thinking about the Lottery, when playing the Lottery, when losing at playing the Lottery and when winning at playing the Lottery.
As a verb - Transitive, infinitive; used only on occasions when you have won the Lottery and your best friend has not, you may say to them, " Hey, best friend, let's go out tonight. I'd like To Beer with you." From Latin roots and herbs.
contributed by daleks   Beer
Cash Cow A jackpot winning prize.   Cash Cow
DN Abbreviation for the term Designated Number. Used in a lottery wheel. Also referred to as a Power Keeper or Lock.
contributed by Brad   Brad
Exotic Numbers An unusual or infrequently drawn set of numbers.
contributed by Ben   Ben


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